With tremendous experience working in the Affiliate Marketing industry, Colin Beckles has made his lifelong dream come true with the book he published. His marvelous thoughts and notions are a true vision of providing solutions to modern-day problems faced by most people in their lives.
The concept of interdependence has over-ruled the need or want of independence. 

As an individual, a family, a community, a religion or a nation ‘Isolation is no solution’   What ever spreadsheet you choose you can only give one hundred percent. Every project you attempt will have components that requires the input of others outside of your scope and abilities except if your goal is mediocrity  and to that I would say… MEDIOCRITY DON’T SELL.

It was the early 190’s after spending a few quality years at the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association as Audio Visual Officer fighting the AIDS pandemic I was offered a job as Manager, Photographer/photofinisher and Video cameraman/editor at the only photo studio on the most beautiful island in the west indies. I loved my career but I soon found myself banging my head against the glass ceiling trying to break through because there seemed like there was nothing else I could have done there when I came in contact with the head of the home economics department who introduced me to NETWORK MARKETING.    

It was the most exciting concept ever explained to me at the time so I signed up right away and got to work. I first established my 28 days work plan a contact list loaded with names, addresses, and telephone numbers. In 14 days I was able to host my first meeting with 12 couples… five (5) of them signed up and my business got off the ground.

In two years I was able to purchase my first property and return to my country with the big idea of becoming Guyana’s first network marketer. 

It was during this time I came in contact with Russel Lancaster with whom I shared the idea… he like the sound of it but we both agreed that Guyana is a manufacturing country and the network marketing concept may not be sustainable.