On South America’s northern coast is the stunning Land of Many Waters…  Guyana. Travelers are recently revisiting this beautiful country because they are finding low prices and good food, but Guyana has a lot more to offer than just attractive prices and unique cuisine

Biodiversity: The world’s most diverse ecosystems and wildlife can be found in Guyana. There are 6, 000 different plant species, 225 different mammal types, and over 800 different bird species in the nation. To see some of the unusual flora and fauna, go exploring in the wetlands, savannas, and rainforest.

Adventure: There are many exciting outdoor activities in Guyana, including hiking, kayaking, and wildlife safaris. One of the world’s oldest geological formations, Mount Roraima, can be reached by hiking, or by paddling down the Essequibo River. Jaguars, giant otters, and other animals can be seen in their natural habitats by taking a wildlife safari.

Culture: African, Indian, European, and Caribbean influences can be found in Guyana’s melting pot of cultures. You can explore the rural villages to experience the local way of life or visit Georgetown’s capital city to see the colonial architecture.

Food: Curries and other dishes are part of Guyanese cuisine, which combines various cultures.