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Medical practitioners across the world can now begin registration for testing of our new to be released medical app...

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The ten top causes of death in Guyana

1. Ischemic Heart Disease 15% 2. Stroke 13% 3. Cancer 10% 4. Diabetes 9% 5. HIV 7% 6. Hypertensive Heart Disease 4% 7. Lower Respiratory Infections 4% 8. Self-Harm 4% 9. Cirrhosis 3% 10. Interpersonal Violence 2%

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DEMCAR UK is a private limited company owned and operated by top technicians dedicated to providing quality affordable, and accessible health care to patients of all ages and hospitals all across London since 2015.

Our locum staffing system and intensive-care management teams have been the busiest from the beginning. Now we are about to release our new app to create much more flexibility for both patients and practitioners alike.

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