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Born in Guyana – From Agricola – Great Value for Relationships and their role in our Long-Term Success…

Lifestyle Reading is a concept aimed at helping people to find the value in their relationships, to help religious groups to establish and maintain respect for each other and other religions, to improve tolerance among people of different race and practises as we emphasizes the importance differences and difference of opinion because Together We Belong… 




“I’d rather work with one percent of a thousand people’s efforts than one hundred percent of my own”

With tremendous experience working in the Affiliate Marketing industry, Colin Beckles had made his lifelong dream come true with the book he published. His marvelous thoughts and notions are a true vision of providing solutions to modern-day problems faced by most people in their lives.
Colin Beckles came up with this storyline to resolve many relationship problems with a clear view and aim to cater to human life problems.


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